Thursday, September 5, 2019

Rendering Reveal: Rehabbed Darlington Hotel At Leland & Racine

Rendering of rehabbed Darlington (Elmdale Partners)
Elmdale Partners are currently gutting and renovating the Darlington Hotel at 4700 N. Racine that they purchased for $2.75M and today we get a first look at what to expect when renovations are completed.

Current Leland frontage with entrance to be re-opened. (Google)
You might recall that plans call for 48 units, down from the previous 64 SRO units. The unique lower level corner retail unit will be rehabbed in the hopes of attracting a cafe or restaurant. The historic vertical sign on the corner will be restored as well as the signage over the main entrance on Racine. The back courtyard will be mostly green space for the residents. We are also told that they will reopen the entrance to the building on Leland that has been unused for many years as well as adding back windows to the street level that are currently boarded up.

No word on when they plan to welcome new residents, but we will keep you posted.

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  1. You know, it would be just as profitable for the developer to redevelop the hotel into updated and modern SRO rooms for single men. Sorry, that's how I feel. And it can be done.