Thursday, August 15, 2019

Status Check: 5050 N. Broadway Nearing Completion

Most of the facade work is complete on 5050 N. Broadway (The Draper by Cedar Street)
The former Aon Building with its 1960s era facade that was removed (Google)
Cedar Street's massive redevelopment of the former Aon Building at 5050 N. Broadway will be welcoming its first residents soon. The building, which will be known as "The Draper", should be on track to begin occupancy November 1. It's amazing to actually have street-level windows! Check out the photo above for a reminder of how the street level was previously a sea of brick. This is the first phase of Cedar Street's redevelopment of this block. Check out this post for a reminder of what is to come!


  1. Any updates on the businesses that will occupy the building? I believe I read at one point there would be a grocery store and cafe.

    1. As of now, part of the retail is slated for a school and daycare center. More to come!