Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Going Up! Another Mural (and Its Artist) Rise To The Occasion

Artist Steven Teller is the hardest-working man in Uptown!

He just finished the mural at 835-37 West Montrose, and now he's back up on his hydraulic lift, paint sprayer in hand, working hard on a new mural at 4628 North Clifton.

We asked Uptown United about it, and got the news that there will be two, possibly three, new murals on that block between now and the time cold weather sets in.  Here's the skinny:

"The first is being painted at 4628 N Clifton Avenue which is owned and occupied by Cornerstone Community Outreach. This mural features the native Blue Aster flowers and an empowering woman figure amongst the floral pattern. These flowers are wildflowers that sprout up in different places throughout the Midwest but have a strong presence throughout Illinois. The mural is featured outside of Cornerstone Community Outreach which works to help the Homeless in the community with a major focus on helping women and children."

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  1. I was just hipped to this guy about 40 minutes ago...while sitting in Emerald City coffee on Wilson. Then I wuz walking over to Target when I looked up Clifton while crossing. I saw a beautiful image of an AfAm young woman. i walked up to it. Taking photos with my iPad. It looks like it's done. It's a striking, magnificently painted addition to the Uptown Outdoor Gallery - which I just dubbed. My "Uptown's Colored Wheel" welcomes the "Colored" company. It's just in time for the Arty Block Party next week.. Http://