Saturday, August 24, 2019

Clifton: From "Blood Alley" to Uptown Art Scene

At 4619 Clifton, another new mural appeared this week! Chicago artist Anthony Llewellyn created a bright scene on the loading dock of CCO's Sylvia Center. He says, "The first day was spent priming this metal door with Rustoleum one can at a time taking 35 cans total. I’ve never seen metal suck up paint like that but it was worth it to get a good foundation to work with."

You can follow Anthony, who describes himself as a "Chicago based art maker, mural painter, urban imagist," on Facebook and Instragram.

Below is a Google Streetview photo of what the door looked like before... quite an improvement!

It's a joy to see the 4600 block of Clifton, known as "Blood Alley" for many decades, becoming downright respectable.

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