Monday, July 15, 2019

Pets Rule In New Mural Taking Shape At Wilson & Magnolia

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Fantastic creatures are coming to the northwest corner of Magnolia and Wilson!

In a mural commissioned by SSA #34 on the 18' x 48' side of the building, artist Caroline J. Brown is creating an animal-filled wonderland -- very appropriate for a building that's home to Wagnolia Veterinary Clinic.

Caroline is the artist-in-residence for Satellite Cafe, where you can see more of her whimsical designs (942 West Montrose) and read an interview with her about the "magical realism" that inspires her.

You can follow her on Instagram (including this project!) and at her website as well.

We love seeing all the fabulous art and bright colors that are being added to our colorful community. Stop by to see the mural take shape in real time!

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