Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Chicago PD Filming in Sheridan Park on Thursday

Chicago PD will be shooting a scene here on Thursday, July 18th, and there will be a street closure and some parking restrictions.

  • Racine will be closed to through traffic 9am to 2pm between Broadway (at the Riv) and Leland.
  • Parking will be prohibited between 7am and 5pm on:
  • both sides of Racine between Broadway and Leland
  • both sides of Leland between Broadway and Magnolia
  • west side of Broadway between Leland and Racine
If anyone takes picture of the filming, we'd love to run them!


  1. The notice is dated the 15th, which if actually posted on Monday would have given less than two days notice, which is not acceptable. Fortunately it appears this was canceled.

    1. The notice is dated July 15th. There is a number for the Chicago Film Office on the notice. You can always give it a call to bring up your unhappiness with the timing and discuss better options.