Thursday, July 4, 2019

Help Keep Your Furry Friends Secure During Fireworks

We all know we've been hearing amateur fireworks for days now, and we'll probably be hearing them for the next couple weeks as well. Here are some tips for keeping your pet from being too freaked out.

We will add, please leave your dog at home if you're going to a fireworks show tonight. Every year we see some people with their dogs, and those dogs are freaking terrified. Why subject them to something like that?

Preparation Tips for Fireworks
From BARK, the dog culture magazine

  • Create a Calming Environment Make sure your pet has somewhere where they feel safe, such as a covered crate or room in your house.
  • Confirm ID is Updated & Correct Double check all of your pet's contact info, ID tags and microchip in case they manage to escape.
  • Exercise your Pets Tire them out by giving your pets plenty of exercise during the day to help keep them calm when the festivities begin.
  • Give them Tasty Treats Try treat dispensing toys, like Starmark or KONG, to occupy their attention and keep their tails wagging.
  • Try a Hemp-based CBD Product Hemp-based products can be a great natural alternative to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for animal anxiety and stress. Follow the feeding instructions provided on each product.
  • Play Music Music is a helpful way to calm your pet and can also help muffle the sound of fireworks. Keeping the TV on can also fill the space with background noise.
  • Try a ThunderShirt Many people swear by the power of the ThunderShirt, which is a wrap around vest that hugs your pet to create an immediate calming affect.
  • Close out the Festivities During firework displays, shut the windows and close the curtains to minimize the loud sounds and bright lights.
  • Hang with your Pet If you can, stay with your pet as your presence can be calming to help them feel safe and secure. A good snuggle or massage can also help them to relax.

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