Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Anyone Know About The Noise Near Weiss Hospital?

A reader writes about ongoing weekday noise in the area of Clarendon between Wilson and Lawrence. We haven't heard it, or heard about it. Anyone know what's going on? Any major construction or demolition underway in the area?

It can't be pleasant for those who are being cared for in the hospital there, let alone the neighbors. Here's what our reader says:

"Has anyone else asked you about the very loud noise coming from the direction of the Weiss parking garage, or somewhere nearby? I live on Lakeside Pl., and the noise is ungodly -- it sounds like constant drilling.

If I'm on my back deck, which faces south, it's nearly impossible to have a conversation out there, to concentrate on reading, etc. It stops on the weekends, but runs all day until around 4:00 during the week. I believe it started the last week of June, but I'm not really sure."


  1. The parking garage will undergo repairs lasting 6 months, starting July 15th. They have already started preliminary work and asked existing parking tenants to move their cars out of the way.

  2. Tom Baker is correct, as I was informed that the garage would be undergoing renovations and repairs when I inquired about renting a spot. My contact advised me that it would get pretty loud in the coming months.

  3. This is totally unacceptable. The neighbors should have been warned ahead of time, like they do for every other extremely loud, extremely long lasting project. Please tell the alderman.

  4. I live on Leland right next to the parking garage. the noise is terrible and not limited to weekdays. It is Saturday and the jackhammer has been nonstop all day. It's ruining the enjoyment of my new apartment. Awful.