Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mamby On The Beach Music Festival To Be Held At Montrose Beach (CANCELLED)

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Update: On July 19th, the promoters announced that the MAMBY festival would be cancelled, due to high water levels taking up much of the beach and the nesting place of the endangered plovers at Montrose Harbor. See the entire statement here.

Original Post:  After four successful years at Oakwood Beach, the Mamby On The Beach music festival is coming to Uptown.

Scheduled for Friday, August 23rd, and Saturday, August 24th, it will take place at Montrose Beach between 1pm and 10pm both days.

Organizers, including Jerry Mickelson (owner of the Uptown Theatre and the Riviera) say they expect about 25,000 people to attend. Attendees will watch performances on three different stages (the beach, the park, and "the oasis"). That's about 10,000 fewer attendees than the Mumford & Sons concert at Cricket Hill in 2015, the last major music event at Montrose Beach.

Organizers also say that the noise levels should be far less intrusive than the 2013 Wavefront Festival, which residents claimed could be heard as far north as Rogers Park. This is due to wiser positioning of the speakers, away from residential areas. (Due to noise complaints, Wavefront was cancelled for 2014.)

Mamby is an all-ages event, with kids 10 and under getting in free with a parent or guardian. There will be free bike parking available, and promoters are encouraging attendees to use public transportation to get to and from the event.

In 2017 and 2018, the promoters donated over $50,000 to charities. In a statement, they say, "We take guidance from the surrounding neighborhood community groups and decide to where to make charitable donations based on their input."

In addition to music, the festival will include: beach volleyball, yoga sessions, water balloon fights, a braid bar, henna tattoos, tarot readings, palm readings, wellness workshops, gong baths, a doggie dome, a barber lounge, and an advice booth.

For more information, you can go to the Mamby on the Beach website,, and read about it in the Tribune. VIP and general admission tickets are on sale now.


  1. Only problem with these lakefront they pretty much shut down the lake front for a mile each direction, and prohibit any other uses..

  2. They way I look at it is, yeah, it will probably be inconvenient for a few days, but it's temporary and really an ideal location for something like this. Maybe it will do the beach area some good afterwards if they can fill in the 'mini-lake' that has been forming at Montrose. I'm curious about the "advice booth."