Friday, June 28, 2019

Make Way For The Parade! Parking Restrictions Begin At 4AM On Sunday

Along Montrose, numbers tell the parade entrants
where they should wait for their turn
Hey, in case you didn't know, Uptown is hosting a parade on Sunday! The 50th Chicago Pride Parade will step off at noon at Broadway and Montrose.

But that doesn't mean that there won't be a lot of preparation, starting early. If you haven't experienced Parade Day before, please know that there will be hundreds of thousands of spectators, which translates into traffic gridlock, especially in the areas around the route.

It also means that all 160 parade entrants will need to assemble, necessitating parking restrictions in order to provide the floats space to wait for their turn to join the parade. Promptly at 4am, towing and ticketing will begin along the designated streets.

Uptown streets with parking restrictions on Sunday, 4am to 8pm (click to enlarge)

MOVE YOUR VEHICLES BY 4am, or the city will move them for you. If you don't need to drive between now and 8pm on Sunday (when parking restrictions expire), we strongly suggest moving your vehicle as soon as possible. Don't wait until zero hour; it will be very difficult to find parking at that point, between the street closures and the spectators coming to the neighborhood.

The good news is, Uptown gets dibs on cleaning of the parade route and staging areas. It's rather remarkable - as soon as the last entry crosses the starting line, a bevy of street cleaners come behind them and do their thing.

Ald. Cappleman says in Friday's newsletter:

"Both the assembly area and parade route will have temporary "no parking" signs. Parking citations and towing will begin at 4 a.m. on Sunday June 30. You will need to find alternative routes for walking and driving during the time of the parade, which is 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

46th Ward streets with parking restrictions include:
  • Montrose from Greenview to Hazel
  • Broadway from Leland Ave. to Grace St.
  • Sunnyside from Broadway to N. Sheridan Road
  • Halsted from Grace St to Belmont
  • Belmont from Racine to Broadway
  • Diversey from Broadway to Cannon
  • Cannon from Diversey to Fullerton
  • Addison from 736 W. Addison to Sheffield Ave.
  • Waveland from Halsted to Broadway
  • Grace from Halsted to Fremont St
  • Clifton from Montrose to Sunnyside
  • N. Sheridan from Sunnyside to Buena
  • Buena from Sheridan to Broadway
  • Wellington from Clark to Sheffield
  • N. Sheridan from Montrose to Wilson"

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