Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Two Men Shot On Platform Of Argyle Red Line Station Monday

Monday afternoon, two men were shot while they were standing on the platform of the Argyle Red Line station. Readers report hearing 10-15 shots fired at approximately 4:10pm.

Police say the shooting victims were specifically targeted, and no one else was hurt. One victim, age 34, is in critical condition after being hit by four bullets. He was taken to St Francis in Evanston, the nearest hospital with a trauma unit.

The other victim, age 41, received a graze wound and refused treatment at the scene.

The shooters are being sought. They escaped by foot, running east on Argyle. As a result, the police helicopter circled over the Argyle area for approximately 45 minutes, and police and EMTs responded en masse.

According to CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, "The area is heavily saturated in HD crime cameras and detectives are reviewing digital evidence.  Anyone with info send anonymously to"

Later, he tweeted, "Area North Detectives have good leads from the community as well as physical and digital evidence from the scene. As far as the two victims, they are both well known to CPD. We believe they were the intended targets of the shooting.  Investigation continues."

Trains approaching the Argyle station were immediately stopped, and the Fire Department came to the scene to help passengers disembark. For three or four hours after the shootings, Red Line trains in both directions bypassed the station while police gathered evidence.

These are the fourth and fifth victims of gun violence on Argyle since mid-March. For more details, see here and here. According to Ald. Osterman, arrests have been made in both of the previous instances.

Argyle lies in two different CAPS beats: west of Winthrop is Beat 2033, and east of Winthrop is in Beat 2024. Beat 2033 next meets Wednesday, June 5th, at 7pm at the Bezazian Library, 1226 West Ainslie. Beat 2024 next meets Thursday, June 20th, at 7pm at the Margate Park Fieldhouse, 4921 North Marine Drive.

A complete list of all 2019 CAPS meetings in Uptown, in both the 19th and 20th Districts, is here. It is also always linked in the sidebar on the blog.

We will update as more information becomes available.

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  1. The two men were photo ID'd. I just wonder where they're coming from? The southside? the northside? Do they live in the neighborhood or out? And that argyle area has a few SRO/single men hotels that probably need to go. The guys hang outside all the time. They are not productive. I just wonder how the merchants put up with it.