Monday, April 15, 2019

Latest Count Has Cappleman Leading Lalonde By 30 Votes In 46th Ward Runoff Election

The ballot counting is coming down to the wire.

Today the Board of Elections released the latest total of ballots counted, which we have been told includes votes submitted by overseas military personnel; recently received absentee/mail-in votes; and provisional ballots.

With the most recent numbers, there were 41 votes added to the tally:
  • There have been 14,128 total votes counted so far
  • Cappleman currently holds a 30-vote lead, with 7,079 votes (50.11%)
  • Lalonde has 7,049 votes (49.89%)
  • Cappleman added a net five-vote gain since Friday's count
Counting continues. The Board of Elections will count any ballots received by Tuesday, April 16th.

The election will be officially certified on Thursday, April 18th.

Both 46th Ward run-off candidates filed papers to preserve their right to contest the election results, should they choose to do so.

In the other nailbiter, in the 33rd Ward, Deb Mell now trails Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez by 13 votes.


  1. Whether Campaign Lalonde realizes it or not it's over.

    She should request a recount, but it ain't gonna change the outcome.

    The end.

    1. While it does look like Cappleman is going to squeak by with a win, I hope he realizes half the 46th ward voted for change. The ward is fractured and if Cappleman wants a positive legacy, he MUST do a better job of listening to all the voters in the ward.

    2. RK,

      he MUST do nothing.

      Now what he should do is channel Conan the Barbarian:

      "What is best in life?" Conan: "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

      He won't though because he's essentially a decent guy and there are laws against that type of thing--at least for the moment.

  2. There's generally one thing you find among successful politicians--they've lost elections. That includes Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, Obama, Cappleman and perhaps if she runs again Lalonde. What she does now will may have an effect on her future.

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Churchill, Winston. A guy who knew much about both.

  3. I posted this about ten days ago, but it's still relevant.

    Lalonde has some choices to make or would if she were Nico

    Now that it's time
    Now that the hour hand has landed at the end
    Now that it's real
    Now that the dreams have given all they had to lend
    I want to know do I stay or do I go
    And maybe try another time
    And do I really have a hand in my forgetting?

    After the inevitable becomes apparent does she file a lawsuit alleging serious skullduggery on the part of the Capp campaign?

    I know at least two attorneys with ties to the 46th ward who will say "YES, SUE, FILE A LAWSUIT. ATTACK. ATTACK. DAMN THE TORPEDOES. DID WE GIVE UP WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED PEARL HARBOR? TOGA TOGA TOGA.

    Don't listen to them.

    Find an attorney with no ties to the ward or to the SJW movement and decide whether it's worth it.

    Personally, I hope she sues because it gives me the chance to continue mocking her. Finding her in those online vids standing in front of Capp's condo while the protesters chanted he was a racist wasn't enough for me. Yes, I found that and made sure the vids circulated among many voters.

    What you think I make my silly comments just because I'm a jerk? Well mostly, but come election time I have an agenda and I got my agenda out there indirectly through online comments because of the ankle monitor and restrictions the judge put on me.

    Generally speaking almost everything and I mean EVERYTHING went her way--except for the final results. Wozniak ran an inept campaign where she seemed to expect to be anointed more than work for it. Then the January mutual endorsement with "Mare Lightfoot". Luck and hard work. Hard work and luck.

    Couple that with a throw the bums out electorate and she ALMOST pulled it off, but I sacrificed too many pigeons to the electoral Gods for that to happen. In fact I need to go out and kill a few tonight in thanks.

    Lala can sue and damage her chances in 2023 or she can bide her time like Capp did in 2007 and she can run four years from now. Capp's likely to retire, he's said as much, and it's gonna be a multiple candidate field just like 2011 where barring any screwups she's just about guaranteed to make the runoff.

    What she lacks in experience and wisdom she somewhat makes up with a big analytic brain. She can take the lessons from this election and go forward or she can put on a Ginger Avenger Pugilistic Pose and damage herself. I'm hoping and betting she sues. The spectacle will amuse me.

    If she plays this right she might wangle herself a policy advisor gig for Mayor Lightfoot and run in 2023.

    She can learn from this passage about Chief Justice Roberts:

    Two years ago, Chief Justice John Roberts gave the commencement address at the Cardigan Mountain School, in New Hampshire. The ninth-grade graduates of the all-boys school included his son, Jack. Parting with custom, Roberts declined to wish the boys luck. Instead he said that, from time to time, “I hope you will be treated unfairly, so that you will come to know the value of justice.” He went on, “I hope you’ll be ignored, so you know the importance of listening to others.” He urged the boys to “understand that your success is not completely deserved, and that the failure of others is not completely deserved, either.” And in the speech’s most topical passage, he reminded them that, while they were good boys, “you are also privileged young men. And if you weren’t privileged when you came here, you’re privileged now because you have been here. My advice is: Don’t act like it.”

    So endeth the rant. Go with whatever God you may believe in.”

  4. Suing for a position that pays $100k? I bet the lawyer would cost more.

    I'm all for transparency, they should do a hand recount.

    Lalonde ran a great campaign. I argued pro-Cappleman in my condo hallway for 5+ minutes TWICE. By two different people..

    The conversation generally started like "You know Cappleman is using TIF funds for private developments?"

    I would in me saying "You know that there are mandatory low income housing in each of those developments? Would you prefer a parking lot instead?"

    Never had a pro-Cappleman person ring my doorbell. Apparently that method is quite effective.

    1. Lalonde lacked money, but not mostly out of the ward volunteers.

      It's hard to get door knockers when your candidate is a middle of the road guy.

      Now if you're candidate speaks in a way that pleases the democratic left the volunteers come out in hordes.

      Lalonde worked hard and her "science against the machine" schtick was effective.

      She also got lucky, but thankfully NOT lucky enough.

  5. This story has a bit on the mechanics of a recount.

    Essentially the election is over.