Thursday, April 4, 2019

Calling All Political Junkies (And Latest Vote Counts)

If you like to drill down into the numbers of the elections, this is for you!

City Bureau has come out with an interactive map where you can check, all the way down to the precinct level, how the voter turnout was, and how the votes went in both the April 2nd runoff and the February 26th general election.

Check it out here.

In the latest runoff results (released Thursday), there were an additional 203 votes added to the 46th Ward totals since the polls closed on Election Day. Latest results have it at Cappleman with 50.15% of the votes counted so far (6,802) and Lalonde with 49.85% (6,762). Still a nail-biter.

The Board of Elections is still waiting for more mail-in, provisional, and Cook County Jail votes, and will certify all election results on April 16th.

In the runoff, 31.87% of registered voters came out to the polls citywide. Uptown's three wards all exceeded the city average. Turnout in the 46th Ward was 39.36%; in the 47th, it was 46.30%; and in the 48th, it was 41.97%. Well done.

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  1. I have bad news for Capp--looks like he won.

    He picked up 54 percent of the late reporting votes so far and added a WHOPPING 17 votes to his margin--now 40 votes.

    I ran numbers for Feb election as to new votes that came in after election night and it was about 700 new votes recorded two weeks later. Now the difference between overall Mayoral vote and aldermanic votes in the ward dropped by about 200 between the two elections--some folks voted for mayor but skipped aldermanic.

    Therefore I'm guesstimating that there were 400-500 votes outstanding as of election night. Two hundred plus have been counted. Now I don't expect Capp to do well with the Cook County jail crowd, but that's probably fewer than 10 votes in the 46th.

    If the outstanding votes are in the 200 to 300 range Lala needs 57-60 percent to tie the election. Ain't likely to happen.

    If this election resembles February's in terms of late votes by tomorrow night 100 or fewer votes will be outstanding. If the trend continues Capp will likely add 17 or more votes to his landslide like lead.

    If that holds that means of the votes likely left to be counted after tomorrow Lala would need about 77 percent just to tie.

    I don't want to count my pigeons before they come home to roost and poop on my head, but barring a late surge from Cook County jail votes or provisional votes Capp has won.

    I do have to admit though that if he lost because of county jail votes I'd wryly laugh at the perverse revenge factor. Bangers really really hate his guts.

    For you Lalaites all I offer is this.