Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Those #=@)%&*!! Potholes! How To Report Them, Check On Repairs, and Get Reimbursed For Damages

It's hard to not know that it's pothole season.

If you've driven any kind of vehicle in the city lately, you've played swerve and dodge, and possibly gotten a flat or a bent wheel rim.

The good news is, beginning March 1st, the City added 26 workers (seven new crews) to do pothole repair. That brings it to 35 crews working seven days a week to fill potholes.

But here's the thing: You need to tell them where the potholes are.

Uptown is full of potholes -- report your most hated ones! You can do it several ways:
  • Call 311
  • Use the new phone app CHI 311 (you can take a picture of the pothole and include it in your request), The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. You can also still use See Click Fix, but really, the new CHI 311 app is a lot easier.
  • You can use CHI 311 on the web.
You can keep up to date on whether or not they've been fixed by using the City's "Pothole Tracker," here.

If you've gotten a flat (or worse!) thanks to a pothole, the City may reimburse you for part of the repair. Don't hold your breath -- it usually takes at least a year for a check to appear. Here's how to file a claim.

Last year the City repaved 310 miles of streets. This year it plans to do 315 miles. The asphalt plants open in April and that's when the repaving will begin.

The first 45 miles have already been planned and includes the remaining portion of Broadway that didn't get repaved last year: between Gunnison and Foster. Can't wait to see that happen!

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