Friday, March 29, 2019

Have You Voted In The Runoff Election Yet?


  1. Yes, I have, but thanks for reminding me.

    It's very easy.

    Avoid the hassles of election day and pop into Truman and vote.

    Computer screen and just like my second ex wife used to say about me "in and out in two minutes".

  2. I went and it was easy in and easy out. But if Ms. Lightfoot is reading this - or her workers -- I just want to write that the pictures she's taking are horrendous. Lightfoot needs an update to her looks. Toni is 70 years old, not much you can do. But Lightfoot is still youngish and she needs to update her wardrobe. She looks like a poor woman's homeless cousin. Get some color in the hair or go all Gray. Get some designer suits like MaxMara. Hopefully when she gets in office she will do just that, but that look now does make her look like a shrinking violet.

  3. Pester your neighbors and make sure they vote too.

    The neighborhood you save may be your own.

    Seems like that anti Marianne site added a post. Kinda over the top, but then at least they're not out in front of her house attending a protest and calling her racist.

    Here's a tweet she posted yesterday. I call it "The Whitest Kids On the Block" tweet. Now admittedly that Asian American group is there so perhaps I'm stretching the joke a wee bit.

    Then finally and most amusingly MBL--that's Marianne--appeared on an online African immigrant themed radio program on Friday.

    Their location seems to be in the McJunkin building so she was able to find it, but she brought her black friend for moral support.

    More amusingly the host seems to like Cappleman and discussed all the positive changes going on in the neighborhood regarding business and lower crime. Marianne of course mentioned that we have some vacant storefronts and claimed that crime really isn't down in Uptown.

    Well MBL we have fewer vacant storefronts now that we did a few years back and the few thousand new people moving into the neighborhood over the next few years will help eliminate a few more.

    As for crime I don't appreciate being lectured by a pedantic scientist who's lived in the neighborhood for three, oh I'm sorry, three and a HALF years and wasn't around during the "Shooty" years. Yes, I mean "shooty" and not "shitty".

    During the interview I think MBL highlighted that half year to point out her long experience here.

    Host also seemed to think that many folks in the African immigrant community have a problem with her age, lack of time in Uptown and her general lack of experience. She countered with her non plan--plan to market the African themed businesses as something similar to Asia on Argyle. Which would be easy to do if the businesses were in a nice tight compact location instead of stretching from the 4400 Block of Broadway to N of Lawrence and from Sheridan to Clark. I'm sure though she can use her "science" to solve that geography problem. Also businesses are in three different wards, but since Marianne seemed to believe the 46th Ward is all of Uptown perhaps she can solve those political issues with her "science" too.

    Hocus pocus abra chant.

    Ok, I'm picking on her a bit much.

    I get that way though when folks who've been here for about a minute and a HALF lecture me on the neighborhood and don't have the wisdom to experience the neighborhood for say HALF a decade before trying to change it and lead it.


  5. Dumbest thing I have ever read. Somebody is already acting like a sore loser.

  6. Uptown's Own Roger Stone is in rare ratform these days.