Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ace Hardware License Revoked? (Update: Back In Business!)

Happy Update: As of Monday, March 25, the doors are open and Ace is back in business. We're glad to see it.

Original Story:

photo courtesy of Google Streetview

This notice appeared on the much-loved Ace Hardware (at Broadway and Clifton) a few days ago. It's the little store that somehow has everything in stock!

Since the notice is from the State of Illinois, we reached out to our state reps to see if they could provide any details, but no responses so far.

Hopefully the situation will be resolved soon. In the meantime, may we suggest Crafty Beaver on Lawrence between Ashland and Clark? It's another locally owned business with helpful staff.


  1. Too bad. They go the extra mile, not only helping you figure out what you need but how to use it.

  2. Watch the movie "Things Change" to see Don Ameche walking in front of the place!

  3. This building is literally crumbling before our eyes. Its a safety hazard and needs to be fixed ASAP!. Did a car crash into that one corner or is it sinking into the ground? Did the Wilson L project unjustly alter the foundation and cause the building issues? Seriously this structure can't be up to code in any way

  4. Ace Hardware, a Blood Alley classic.