Sunday, January 13, 2019

Family Dollar Closes At Wilson & Broadway, Five Weeks After Announcement

Five weeks after it announced it would be closing, Family Dollar at 4613 North Broadway has locked its doors for the final time at that location.

The same corporation owns the relatively new Dollar Tree at Sunnyside and Sheridan, so it has an interest in Uptown. We are hopeful that Family Dollar will eventually reopen in its previous storefront at Weiss Plaza, which has been empty since it left in 2014.

According to Ald. Cappleman's recent newsletter, the long-delayed midrise at Wilson and Broadway, which will take over the footprint of Family Dollar's storefront, is scheduled to begin construction in May.


  1. I don't think Family Dollar will reopen anywhere. Dollar General is taking over those spaces. I believe Dollar Tree, that bought Family Dollar, is going to close and shutter all the stores eventually.

    1. Not true , The Family Dollar stores that are closing our the stores that are under performing in sales we are not eliminating family dollars just to eliminate them

  2. Dollar general cost way more than family dollar.