Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tribune: "Uptown Theatre's $75 Million Restoration Will Begin Next Summer"

Check out the glorious rendering from architects Lamar Johnson Collaborative!

We are thrilled to see plans firming up for the future of the Uptown Theatre, something we've been waiting for a long time.

The Trib's story begins: "The long-awaited, $75 million restoration of the 93-year-old Uptown Theatre — among the highest profile historic rehabs in the city’s history — will begin next summer, Chicago’s Community Development Commission is to be told Tuesday.

Along with approving the public financing elements of the restoration for partners Jam Productions and Farpoint Development, the commission — its members were appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel — also is expected to approve the sale (for $1) of a 31,000-square-foot, city-owned parking lot at 1030 W. Lawrence Ave. in order to “support theater operations." The rest of the story is here.

On UU's Facebook page, Ald. Cappleman commented: "In April 2015, I announced that the rehab of this one-of-a-kind theater was my #1 priority. Since last June's official announcement, the outpouring of public support has been phenomenal, but that didn't surprise me at all. 

The TIF was created specifically for the restoration of this theater and I intend to use it for that very purpose. Since its closure almost 37 years ago, we've never been so close... so my focus remains on seeing my priority become a reality. I've worked too long and too hard not to see this through."

In another comment, regarding the city-owned parking lot that is next to the Uptown Lounge and will be used for a staging area for the next phase of the Red/Purple Line rebuild, Ald. Cappleman says: "[After the Lawrence Red Line rebuild], there will be a development built there that will also provide parking."

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  1. I wonder if the new development that will provide parking might also include a hotel which has been rumored to be coming to Uptown?