Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Uplift HS To Take Part in New Initiative To Bring Together Community, Students, Families & Staff

Uplift High School is one of 20 schools in Chicago to be named a Sustainable Community School, CPS announced Tuesday night in a statement. The pilot program will split $10 million among 20 elementary and high schools, pairing each with a dedicated community partner. Uplift (900 West Wilson) will be partnered with Kuumba Lynx.

The Sustainable Community School initiative is aimed at transforming struggling schools that have low enrollments and where 80% of the student body is considered low-income. Uplift's most recent enrollment is 177 students (down from 377 in 2013) and 96% of its students are considered low-income (i.e., they are eligible to receive free or reduced-price lunches, live in substitute care, or their families receive public aid).

The goals of the Sustainable Community program are to engage the students, the parents, the community, and the educators so that they are working in concert to create successful lives for the students. The $10 million will go toward creating extra services for students, tailored to each school's individual needs. The program will begin in October.

This will be the second time Uplift is taking part in a new CPS initiative. It opened in 2005 as a "Renaissance 2010" school, with no geographic enrollment boundaries and the ability to exercise flexibility regarding CPS curriculum and policies.

Dr. Tyrese L. Graham was named last month as Uplift's new principal, succeeding Stephanie Moore, who had held that position for Uplift's entire existence. Dr. Graham came to Uplift from Lake View High School.

With the additional money, the Sustainable Community initiative, the community partner, and a new principal, we look forward to what is to come.  As Dr. Graham recently tweeted,
We are accepting transfers @uplift_high for the upcoming school year! We have a lot of changes in store, including new AP offerings for our students! Join us as we transform Uptown’s neighborhood high school. #BuildingABetterUplift

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  1. I'm a substitute teacher and taught at Uplife HS one last time. You figure out why.