Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Farewell, Lionel!

The Lion King of Buena Park has closed the curtain on his residency in Uptown.

As we recently posted, he was going to stick around after his stylist/owner moved. After 20 years of being well-dressed for every occasion, and probably for years before that, he held court at the corner of Dayton and Montrose.

But his Facebook page posted today, "Lionel and I had a long chat, although I will admit it was pretty one-sided. As you may have noticed, he has chosen to be a Southern Belle with me. So while he will no longer be a resident of Uptown/Buena Park, stay tuned for his next exploits."

We will miss him, but we're glad he is going to be able to gain new fans in another part of the country. And we can still follow him on Facebook.

Now there's an opening for a new Uptown mascot. Anyone want to volunteer?

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