Thursday, August 2, 2018

More Approvals Gained For Renovated Uptown Theater (Updated 2x)

It's getting more real!

Today Ald. Cappleman tweeted:
The Commission on Chicago Landmarks voted unanimously to approve the Class L Property Incentive for the Uptown Theatre. There will be more hurdles but it will all be worth it. Can’t wait for the ribbon cutting ceremony in 2020. #ChicagoProud #UptownTheatreProud
Soooo hopeful this happens as projected.

Thank you, Commission on Chicago Landmarks* and all the theater's champions!

*According to the website, former 48th Ward alderman Mary Ann Smith, who advocated for the theater's protection and resurrection for many years, is one of the voting members.

Update: A commenter on Facebook says, "Alderman Cappleman video recorded the Uptown Theatre portion of today's hearing, which he intends to upload to YouTube.

"The most interesting information presented today, for me, was Jerry [Mickelson, owner of the Uptown Theater].

"Jerry described the entertainment industry's reaction to the renovation announcement. One female performer desires to re-open the newly renovated theater. One group hopes to book the venue for 5 successive New Year's Eve performances, commencing in 2020. A surprisingly large number of Nashville agents have expressed interest in booking their performers into the theater. And there is the possibility of an artist-in-residence arrangement, similar to the one between Billy Joel and Radio City Music Hall. Very exciting times for our neighborhood!!!"

Update: Blair Kamin of the Tribune was there and has a lot more information on what a Class L Property Tax Incentive is and what happened during the meeting: Renovation plans for Uptown Theatre, old Cook County Hospital get boost from landmarks panel. Included, "The City Council needs to give final approval to the commission’s property tax recommendation."


  1. Replies
    1. Hyperbole. There is a lot of money spent on schools. Perhaps the amount spent on retired schoolteachers exceeds the amount spent on employed schoolteachers (I'm unsure) but while ALL the money isn't spent on schools, it is untrue to say than NONE of the money is spent on schools.

    2. TIF funds can't be used for schools. They are specifically supposed to be earmarked for improving community blight, which this fits perfectly. I honestly feel like the only people who oppose this renovation are people who have never been inside the Uptown Theater. This will be a national treasure when finished. Can't wait to say I told you so to all the naysayers...

    3. No money for schools? You've got outdated information:

      CPS to Invest Nearly $1 Billion to Modernize Schools and Propel Academic Growth

      McCutcheon School is getting a new gym

      "[W]ith a new state funding formula, more money to pay into the pension fund and a property tax hike, district officials are flush with cash." Chicago Tribune, in a July 25, 2018 editorial saying that CPS is spending too much on schools.

      Note that the Lawrence/Broadway TIF was created specifically for the Uptown Theater.