Friday, July 6, 2018

Ald. Cappleman: "A Necessary Gym For Our Kids!"

From Ald. Cappleman's email newsletter:

"I am absolutely thrilled to share the news that McCutcheon Elementary in the 46th Ward will be building a new gymnasium! McCutcheon is one of only five schools among all 500 Chicago Public Schools without its own gym.

Since Principal Gwyn Kram asked me to advocate for this project, I have worked tirelessly to make it happen, sharing McCutcheon’s story with school district leaders, the Mayor’s Office and my colleagues.

I knew how important it was for this particular school—with one-quarter of its student body experiencing homelessness and a program for children with cognitive disabilities—to have its own facility for health and wellness. It’s a matter of equity for the ward’s most vulnerable students.

Principal Kram has positioned the school to take full advantage of the new $10 million gym. She recently secured a grant to become a Community Learning Center through the CPS Community Schools Initiative. The five-year grant will provide funding for programming before and after school as well as on weekends. McCutcheon will become a community hub, which will have positive effects for the entire ward.

McCutcheon is a remarkable school, where kids who face extremely high barriers to learning are making great strides. Despite the challenges the school and its students face, McCutcheon has earned Chicago Public Schools’ highest quality rating and is ranked above-average for student growth and student attainment.

My office will plan a community meeting in the near future to talk about this exciting project, so stay tuned. For now, please join me in celebrating our schools, our students and our teachers as we work together to strengthen and grow 46th Ward schools."


  1. Is there any word of where on the property it will be built? I live right next to the school, so I’m super curious!

  2. No word..... when we know more, my office will hold a public meeting.

  3. So someone correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the children at McCutcheon Elementary use the gym and facilities of the Pederson - McCormick Boys and Girls Club and their Gymnasium? I seem to see the children throughout the school year trecking back and forth from the School Building to the Boys and Girls Club building. Doesn't the community already have a hub that could benefit from greater integration in the Boys and Girls club facility? Will the Boys and Girls Club loose funding as part of this process of shifting to a new CPS owned and operated gymnasium?

    1. The problem is that Pederson-McCormick Boys & Girls Club is not ADA compliant, so children with disabilities can never to to the gym.... also, when there's inclement weather, no one at school can have P.E.