Sunday, August 26, 2018

Friends Of The 46th Ward Schools Sponsoring School Supplies Donation Drive

Friends of the 46th Ward Schools has begun its fall school supply drive to ensure that students attending the six public schools in the ward (Brennemann, Greeley, Uplift, McCutcheon, Courtenay, and Disney) will have proper supplies to begin the school year. Needed items range from highlighters to calculators, hand sanitizer to backpacks.

The schools serve a student population that is primarily low-income (at one 46th Ward school, 96% of the student body falls into that category) with a large percentage of homeless students (about 20% of those attending McCutcheon, for example).

Many parents are unable to send their kids to school with the supplies they need to succeed, and Friends of the 46th Ward Schools tries to bridge that gap with donations from generous residents and businesses.

Friends' website says:
"The 2018 Fall School Supply Drive will begin August 20, 2018 and run through September 9, 2018. School starts the day after Labor Day and we aim to deliver supplies during the second week of school.

There are THREE ways to support our Fall School Supply Drive:
  1. Drop off school supplies at Alderman Cappleman's Office (4544 N. Broadway) during regular office hours. See the list of school supplies here. Please be aware that supplies will not be distributed directly to students from Alderman Cappleman's office. All donations will be delivered to the schools for distribution to students.
  2. Shop directly from our Amazon Wish List and all items will be delivered directly to Alderman Cappleman's office.
  3. Donate directly to Friends of the 46th Ward Schools through our Paypal donation link."
Thank you for whatever you can do to help.

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