Monday, July 23, 2018

Vintage Garage To Wrap Up After 2018 Season - Three More Monthly Markets To Go!

Well, hell.

The promoters of Vintage Garage have announced that this season, the seventh one in Uptown, will be the last for the all-vintage monthly flea market. It's our favorite place to discover items that are fun! retro! kitschy! collectible!

The areas all around the garage at 5051 North Broadway will be a construction zone that makes holding the Sunday sales just too difficult. 5050 Broadway across the street is being converted into new apartments, and two new buildings (5063 and 5083 North Broadway) will be built just north of the garage.

BUT -- there are three markets left to go and the promoters are going to make them celebrations! Be sure to drop by for some wonderful vintage items and good times as Vintage Garage goes out with a bang:
  • Theme: Vintage Wedding - August 19
  • Theme: Retro Chicago - September 16
  • FINALE with Record Ramp - October 21
Vintage Garage takes place on the third Sunday of each month, April through October, at 5051 North Broadway. Admission is $5, and the garage is open 10am to 5pm. More info is at the website.


  1. Is the owner going back to Detroit?

  2. It's hard to imagine. Thank you so much for supporting us always :) We'll be keeping an eye out, we would love to stay Uptown. It's our hood :)

  3. Another long-time Chicago favorite succumbs to the Glass & Metal Condo Monster which eating this city alive. Are there any other antique shows in the city, besides the Randolph one?

  4. Condo Monster?? I don't understand people who rile against housing being build to *gasp* house people. Must be one of those "Keep Uptown Trashy" advocates who don't own property in the area and are hell bent on keeping those of us who do from enjoying the fruits of our investments in the community.