Monday, July 30, 2018

Tracks From The Past

click to enlarge / photo credit @backwards_river on Twitter
An aerial view of the Wilson stop from 1959, looking south. The buildings are remarkably the same as they are today, although the businesses have changed (as businesses do).

Spoil Me Spa & Salon was Elmer's Grill; you could get loans at the McJunkin Building; Elim Wigs was Hillman's Grocery; the Clover Building on Leland was still a commercial building (with an ad for "health aids" painted on the bricks); and Uptown Federal stood where BMO Harris is now.

We don't miss the light-blocking tracks and the many support posts in the middle of the street and sidewalk.

Hat tip to the editors at CWB for making us aware of this tweet.

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  1. And the building at the southeast corner of Broadway/Leland was an S.S. Kresge (which later became K-Mart). Probably had a lunch counter.