Saturday, June 23, 2018

Pride Police

Thirty-five years ago, one of our contributors remembers walking by the old 23rd District (now the 19th District) police station at Halsted and Addison and seeing a man wearing a dress being taken from a squad car. He was being verbally harassed with homophobic slurs by officers standing outside smoking, as well as the ones taking him into custody. It's a memory that tends to stick.

Today, in contrast, it is very encouraging to see this on the 19th District's Twitter feed:
"#Pride Parade is this weekend and the @Chicago_Police Dept put together a little squad car makeover for the 49th annual #ChicagoPride Parade. Keep an eye out for our #Pride2018 @Chicago_Police squad car & be sure to say hello to our Officers marching on Sunday."
Enjoy the parade, officers!

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