Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Retail Space Available For Lease At Wilson & Clifton

Retail space now available at 1132 W. Wilson

As one new business moves in at Wilson & Clifton (Uptown Donuts), we bid adieu to another business, Jerk Stop.

This space already has the kitchen built-out so it would be perfect for a restaurant, maybe even a Mexican restaurant? (hint, hint)

The space at 1132 W. Wilson is listed with Mid-America and they can be reached at 630-954-7300 attention Paul Bryant, Andrew Becker, or Adam Beltzman.

Share this post far and wide and let's get this space filled!


  1. Really sorry to hear that Jerk Stop closed, since the food was quite good. What a shame that they weren't able to recover from getting their front window shot out. %#$&% gangbangers cost the neighborhood a spot with some real potential.

  2. Was that the reason they closed? The window? I bet if they'd reached out to the neighborhood, we could have managed to help them out. That's a shame.

  3. The window was shot out and then they were robbed the night after the shooting by criminals using the hole where the window was. The criminals took most of the equipment needed to run the place, including the iPads being used for PoS