Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Retail Space Available Next To Upcoming Sheridan/Wilson TOD

4541 N. Sheridan retail space from Mid-America real estate flyer
Mid-America Real Estate group is also the listing agent for the Cedar Street owned building at 4541 N. Sheridan. You might recall that this building is smack-dab next door to the upcoming 4555 N. Sheridan development (formerly known as 975 W. Wilson) so this will be a very attractive space in the very near future. The full listing in .pdf form is available here with all of the contact details.
4541 N. Sheridan, visible on the right, with the upcoming Clayco 4555 N. Sheridan (Forum Studio)

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  1. Are there plans, does anyone know, to renovated the Emerald Tower apartments? I've heard they're pretty awful.