Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In-On Thai Coming To Broadway

As we posted last week, there are newly rehabbed retail spaces available on the 4600 block of Broadway. A sharp-eyed reader discovered that In-On Thai restaurant will be taking the northernmost space.

photo courtesy of LTHForum
A 2016 GNR winner ("Great Neighborhood Restaurant"), In-On Thai was a family-owned restaurant that was forced to close its previous location at 3821 Broadway when most of the block was torn down to make way for the massive building currently under construction.

Its owners have been trying hard to find a new spot ever since. And it looks like they have.

The surrounding community has lost two much-loved Thai restaurants recently (Thai Uptown and Siam Noodle), so it should be a great fit for In-On Thai. No word yet when they will be moving in, but we hope soon!

(For those who miss Thai Uptown's food, we found their chef! He is at Dena Kitchen in Logan Square, and his food is still as delicious as ever. Best crab rangoon we've had since Thai Uptown closed.)


  1. Amazing food! Had it the other day. Congrats to Don and Inon on their new restaurant location and looking forward to coming back.

    Protip from the chef: Try the curries, the curry paste is made in-house and has a flavor profile that can't be found anywhere else!

  2. Do they have online ordering yet?