Friday, January 26, 2018

Unwrapped! The Majestic Store's Terra Cotta Has Been Completed

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On Thursday, the final pieces of terra cotta tile from the old Rubloff Building/Majestic Store at Leland and Broadway were put in place, and the plastic wrapping came off the new CTA storage building that takes its place.

The restored cream and blue terra cotta is magnificent, our favorite part of the former Majestic Store (Everything For Men). It's all part of the Wilson station reconstruction. We understand that there will eventually be display cases installed on the dark brick portions of the building.

Thank you to reader JMM for being our eyes on the street.


  1. ....Looks GREAT!! ....BTW, does anyone know what's housed in the old vacant store space behind the new brick, and terra-cotta facings.

    1. The two paragraph article states CTA storage.

    2. ....Which is one paragraph too long for a functional illiterate such as myself to read,(it seems)!! ....Sigh!!

  2. Display case installation started today it looks like.