Thursday, January 25, 2018

Chicago Market Celebrates Its New Membership, So Party With Them

Chicago Market Co-op is approaching 1000 members, and hints that good news is coming very soon.

To celebrate the 1000-member threshold, they are holding a party Saturday afternoon for co-op members and non-members alike.

In part, this is what the email they sent Wednesday said:

"Chicago Market is about to reach an incredible milestone in its history. After a super strong "12 Days of Ownership Campaign" in December, Chicago Market is proud to announce that we are about to have 1000 Owners!

Think about that for a second.

Almost 1000 people have committed their money, their time and their energy to make this cooperative grocery store, and the community surrounding it, a reality. Heading into 2018, thanks to their dedication, we're closer than ever. We're hoping to have good news to share soon on the Gerber site; a new market study shows that Chicago Market is an even more viable business than we ever thought; and we're working on big, important steps like hiring a general manager and designing our store. 

When co-op people have something to celebrate, they like to have a party. Which is why everyone, Owners and non-Owners alike, is invited to come together on Saturday, January 27, at 2 p.m. to raise a glass to our community of cooperators. RSVP here.

Each of those 1000 people are part of a community that is doing incredible things, even before our store opens its doors. They're attending delicious events, buying food from local farmers, learning about relevant issues, or volunteering at food pantries. They are spreading the word to their friends and neighbors about this incredible community of people who care about making their city a better place.

These are just the first 1000. In order to open this store, we'll need more than that - our bank wants to see us at 2000 by year's end.

But for our community, right here and right now, this is a very big deal. And you made it happen.

Chicago Market"

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  1. And, when or if is the next project going to get started across the street from the Wilson L. on Broadway. Unless that was just hear say?