Sunday, December 24, 2017

Grand Theft Auto: Post Office Edition

Saturday evening around 5pm, someone got into a USPS delivery van on the 4600 block of Racine and attempted to drive away with it. Because post office vans are just so hard to identify, right? Not a rocket scientist, we'll bet.

He got as far as the 5300 block of Sheridan in Edgewater (a whole mile) and managed to crash the van into the side of The Breakers building. Then he took off running. The only description given is that he was a black male wearing a ski mask.

Like we don't have enough problems getting our mail delivered as it is? Without people stealing the mail delivery vans? And on the last regular mail delivery day before Christmas?

He'll likely be on video, and post office crimes are federal crimes, and it's a stupid thing to do to start with, and the guy is a lousy driver.

It's pretty bad when you're too lame even to be an effective criminal.

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  1. Somehow he still managed to delivery more mail and provide better service in one mile than our Uptown USPS workers do.