Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jazz-Themed Mural Completed At Lawrence Red Line

A colorful jazz-themed mural by artist Jerry Rogowski
A vibrant jazz-themed mural has been completed at the Lawrence Red Line, just under the viaduct. It features the Uptown United branding and the "Jazz It Up" tagline. Artist Jerry Rogowski  used shades of orange and blue to celebrate the music scene in Uptown. Check it out next time you pass by on Lawrence.

Update: According to Uptown United, "The SSA #34 Public Arts Grant-funded mural at the Lawrence Red Line is now complete! If you haven't seen it already, the Jazz It Up mural depicting images and silhouettes of jazz musicians completed by artist Jerry Rogowski has given new life to the Lawrence Ave. viaduct. Check it out if you're passing through!"


  1. Looks a million times better than a few weeks ago. But isn't this station slated for significant reconstruction work soon? It seems the mural is sure to get trashed.