Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Way We Were

Lest we forget, a quick look at the "features" of the pre-restoration Wilson L station that Uptowners enjoyed for decades.

Winner of the "Crust Station" Award, for "the CTA station that inspires crabbiness because of its lack of amenities, accessibility, cleanliness and customer service," voted on by CTA riders, three years in a row, 2009-2011. Yay, Wilson!

The eclectic paint job -- a colorful combination of blue, orange and mud brown paint, with accent splashes of unfinished wood.

Historic Decay -- maybe not the best way to show respect for the art deco design of architect Arthur Gerber.

No-Clean Zone: Decades of rust, oil, and train residue were left unchecked. At one point, a marble company offered to clean up the station's exterior for free. The CTA declined the offer.

Inviting empty retail spaces. Oddly, no one signed a lease for this storefront.

That time the ceiling collapsed in the main entrance -- and instead of being repaired, it was simply walled off.


  1. Where is a picture of Popeye's? Or the little convenience store that was instead the station?

  2. Popeye's.

    Couldn't find any of Lakeview Foods. Try Google Streetview and do the history view.

  3. Here is AB Foods: