Sunday, October 22, 2017

East Platform & Wilson North Entrance Open At Red Line Station Monday - Full Purple Line Express Service Begins

Have you noticed that the elevator shaft at the rehabbed Wilson station glows alternating shades of red and purple? On Monday, that hint of the station's function will become a reality as full Purple Line Express service begins, both northbound and southbound.

Monday is going to be a big day, as the entrance on the north side of Wilson will reopen as an auxiliary entrance that morning as well. CTA says:
"The station entrance on the north side of Wilson Avenue will reopen as a farecard-only auxiliary entrance. Access at the north auxiliary entrance will be through High-Barrier Gate turnstiles, and entry will require a valid farecard. For fare vending, staff assistance, or an ADA-accessible path, use the main entrance on the south side of Wilson Avenue."
(For those who are waiting for the Sunnyside auxiliary entrance, a CTA rep told us Friday that it will open around Thanksgiving.)

As we posted earlier, the east platform will officially open Monday morning as well.  CTA says:
"The new east platform at Wilson station will open. Howard-bound Red Line trains and Linden-bound Purple Line Express trains will stop at the east platform. The east platform may be accessed by stairs, escalator and elevator, and is ADA-accessible.

95th-bound Red Line trains and Loop-bound Purple Line Express trains will continue to stop at the west platform.

Purple Line Express trains will stop at Wilson in both directions, during both the morning and evening rush periods – during all times of Purple Line Express service. Wilson will be a transfer station between Red and Purple line trains."