Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Latest On Wilson Red Line Construction

After three years, work on the Wilson Red Line project is drawing to an end. Just a few more weeks until completion of the tracks and station! These are the latest closures and progress report their representative has sent us:

"Things are moving at a fast pace in advance of the fall station opening.

After Friday night's closure, we are anticipating more night work over the weekend of 9/15-9/17,  in order to put the finishing touches on new track 4.

Street & Sidewalk Work
  • The new sidewalks on the east side of Broadway are complete, less for a portion at the corner of Leland & Broadway.
  • The focus this week has been on preparing Wilson Avenue for new asphalt pavement, which should be placed on Tuesday, 8/29. The 24/7 Wilson Street closure will remain in place through the end of the day Monday. Then, it will be a daily 9am-4pm street closure – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. After that, we don’t foresee any further Wilson full closures.  
  • Next week, the focus will be back on the west side of Broadway. The sidewalk between Clifton and Leland will be completed by the end of the week. We are still on track to get the west half of Broadway between Wilson and Leland paved by 9/8, at which time we will demolish and pave the east half.
  • We will have Broadway closed through Sunday evening to allow for the painter to apply protective paint to the track steel that passes over Broadway.  Black curtains will be draped from the track steel down to street level to safely enclose the painting work area.
Track Work
  • Broadway will be closed daily 9am-4pm next week Monday through Thursday to allow for us to complete the new track installation."


  1. I thought this was to "help" the neighborhood? So far it just seems to be a hang out. How long before they become the target of a drive by(s).

    1. Well, *I* don't hang out there...99.9% of people I see there use it to commute, like I do, and that helps the neighborhood. Do you want it closed before it even opens, so it becomes nothing BUT a "hang out"? Or are you hinting that it needs more police presence? Be more specific, please.

    2. I'm not saying it needs to close. It's not even completely open and the free cell phone vendor has already set up shop there. I've seen people sleeping and the gang banger's standing around. Unless the police keep a very close eye and presence here it will only be a matter of time before innocent people end up in the cross fire. The CTA needs to put security at this station like Belmont has otherwise I see a bad outcome and soon.