Thursday, June 29, 2017

One-Time Problem Building Proposes Converting Commercial Spaces to Residential Rentals

Residents who live near Leland and Kenmore are telling us that they have received letters from a zoning attorney informing them that a zoning change is proposed that would convert the five storefronts in the building at 1016-1028 West Leland to residential rentals. A copy of the letter is above.

The storefronts are now occupied by a Nigerian restaurant, a uniform store, a video store, and a barber shop. One is vacant. All the businesses have been in the community for several years (some much longer), and we hope that they remain in Uptown, should they have to move. Business Partners maintains a list of available commercial properties on its website and can assist in helping them find new homes.

This building has had quite a checked history -- illegal condo conversions, floods, housing court, foreclosures, receivership -- but has been a good neighbor since new ownership took over six or seven years ago. We will keep you informed as we learn what's going on with the proposed conversion.


  1. Does anyone know the details of the flood referred to in the article?

  2. "(N)ow occupied by a Nigerian restaurant, a uniform store, a video store, and a barber shop."

    Great. NOW where can I go to rent tapes?

  3. sad to see the loss of the commercial enterprises, including a long-time restaurant, uniform shop, (former) video store, acupuncturist, and elegant barber shop -- the beauty of the city is walking out the door & finding commercial space to patronize on foot.