Monday, June 5, 2017

42 grams Closes Its Doors Permanently

Some sad and surprising news from the owners of 42 grams today. The Michelin-rated restaurant, located on Broadway near Leland, has closed abruptly. The husband and wife who ran it have released separate statements confirming the closing (below).

We're sure there will be a lot of conjecture about why they're closing, and why so little notice was given. That's for Jake and Alexa to confirm (or not). What we will say is, thank you for opening in Uptown in a former chicken joint. Thanks for proving that a Michelin-starred establishment that attracted people from all over the city and country could happen here. We loved having one of the best restaurants in the world in our community. We wish you luck in whatever your next endeavors are.

From Alexa Welsh on the 42 grams Facebook page:
"Dear friends, family and to the food community at large: I can confirm that 42 grams has been closed effective immediately. A huge thank you to all our past guests and supporters, you were our biggest champions along the way and that did not go unnoticed. 
To all the well wishers and concerned parties, thank you so much for your emails and text messages. 
To anyone with reservations this week and through the end of July, refunds will be issued. Please bear with me as I juggle so many moving pieces. To anyone speculating that people need to support their fine dining establishments more, we are not closing for financial reasons. Chicago is (and will continue to be) an amazing food destination supported by people from all over the world. 
Over the course of this journey I have met so many amazing people that have genuinely humbled and delighted me. It's those connections, interactions and memories that I'll take with me into the future. Here's to the next adventure. 
And from Jake Bickelhaupt in an email:
"Dear gastronomes,

I am sad to say that my journey with 42 grams has ended abruptly. Over the last 5 years, I have had such a wonderful experience with my underground “guestaurant” Sous Rising that organically led to my dream restaurant, 42 grams. It was my pleasure to cook for so many amazing people from around the world and of course from Chicago. And, I’ll forever cherish all the connections and friends that I have made along the way.

I promise that I gave my whole heart and soul to satisfy my guests every night. I gave everything I had to give. So with that in mind, I know I did the best I could. 42 grams was only intended for one purpose: to inspire! I was inspired and I hope you were inspired as well. I will take a short break to gather my thoughts. But, I will come back again and cook. After all, cooking is what makes me happy.

Until then, cheers!"

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