Friday, March 31, 2017

This Week In CTA Construction

Here's the most recent word on the progress on the CTA Wilson Red Line station and what to expect in the upcoming week:
  • Demolition of the last old track is continuing south of Wilson
  • Foundation work is ongoing as CTA constructs the final new track south of Wilson
  • Work activity in the alley that is east of the tracks and north of Leland (4700 block of Winthrop) is ongoing. CTA is modifying the existing structure for the new track
  • Wilson remains closed to vehicular traffic through Saturday, April 8th
  • Broadway will be closed to traffic between Wilson and Clifton on Saturday, April 8th, between 5am and 5pm so they can "set steel"
  • CTA will be working on the foundations for both the Wilson Main and Auxiliary stations

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