Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vrroom! Vrroom! Noise Levels Along Lake Shore Drive To Be Monitored Under New Bill

Some relief may be on the way for lakefront residents who are kept awake by motorcycle noise on the Drive at night during the summer.

Rep. Sara Feigenholtz has introduced a bill that would allow the city to install noise monitors along Lake Shore Drive, similar to those used at O'Hare to measure noise levels.

In a news release, she says, "The residents living along Lake Shore Drive have reached out to their elected leaders along the lakefront in pursuit of a solution. Residents are awakened in the middle of the night by motorists who flagrantly violate the law with loud unmuffled exhaust systems. The installation of a noise monitoring system will produce concrete data showing the severity of the noise pollution and will help prompt greater action."

This is far from a new problem. Back in 1998, then-46th Ward Ald. Helen Shiller co-sponsored a bill that would ban motorcyclists from the Drive, saying "I have people who call me almost hysterical because of sleep deprivation over this. They literally get no peace."

It's not an immediate solution, but it's a start. With the proposed reconfiguration of Lake Shore Drive in coming years, the results of such noise data would be incorporated into the redesign, per Rep. Feigenholtz's office.


  1. Really? When I lived in the Gold Coast after they passed the last noise ordinance that was supposed to crack down on loud motorcycles, I would watch the cops sit on bar patrons' Harlys at State and Rush and rev the engines. Face it, CPD, the city, they've given up on everything except padding those pensions and moving to AZ, FL wherever... dont expect anything from these mopes anymore.

  2. A band-aid for a real problem. Why do they ride at night? Because car drivers are texting,calling and changing lanes with NO regard to other vehicles. Drivers breaking all safety laws makes bikes ride at night. Ticket cars for texting and motorcycles will ride during the day.

  3. I've actually lost 20 IQ points after reading these comments. I don't have many left to lose.