Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Uptown's "Sleeping Beauty" Provides Setting For Regina Spektor Video

Many Uptowners have peeked into the Uptown Theater, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabled lobby and stage. While the future of the Uptown is still unclear, you can finally see the interior as it looks today.

Singer Regina Spektor recently released her video for Black and White, for which the Uptown provides a haunting and lovely setting. The video also features Victoria Jaiani of the Joffrey Ballet.

It's a showcase for the theater, which hasn't hosted any live performances since 1981, but still maintains some of its original splendor. (Click here for drawings of what the Uptown looked like in 1926, a year after it opened.)

In Elle, Regina Spektor said of the Uptown, "It's almost like Sleeping Beauty. It's like a castle that fell asleep." We hope we're still around when/if it awakens from its slumber.

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