Thursday, February 23, 2017

Morningside's Stewart School Conversion Now Underway

Interior debris being removed at 4525 N. Kenmore
Work is now underway on Morningside's redevelopment of the former Graeme Stewart School at 4525 N. Kenmore into 64 residential units. Dumpsters are parked on the north side of the building and workers are hauling out interior debris. You might recall that Stewart School recently received landmark status from the city. The building was completed in 1905 by famed architect Dwight Perkins.
Plans for the parking lot to the north include a mid-rise with retail. The lot directly to the south is also slated for development by Morningside. Construction around Broadway and Wilson is reaching a point not seen in many, many, many years.
Rendering of the completed Morningside development at 4525 N. Kenmore (Pappageorge Haymes Partners)


  1. More development? Has anyone considered the children? What about the parking? Dare I say what about the pigeons?

    This one goes out to David Bowie who once sang about


    Any of you potential challengers to the Capplemaniac feeling hopeful at the moment? It's a rhetorical question.

  2. The lot directly to the south: does that mean that little bit of lawn and playground? I guess so. As you say, what about the children?

    1. I'm afraid that you misunderstood IrishPirate's humor about the children...yes, the lawn and former playground butting up to Sunnyside would be the lot directly to the south, and since the property was purchased from CPS for private use, I think the farthest thing from the developers' minds would be providing free playground space for the gangs to take over (again). However, Aster Playlot is only a couple of blocks north, Broncho Billy Playlot is only a few blocks west, the Arai (or "Uplift") School campus is a couple blocks northeast, and Challenger Park and Lincoln Park are also close. I don't think there's any dearth of lawn or playground for the children in the neighborhood, and I also think it's perfectly fine to put that property to a good property-tax-paying use.

      I also seem to recall that the old playground was a favorite spot for clients from the nearby methadone clinic to hang out in at one time--I'm not worried that no public lawn or playground will be there for them, either.

  3. Bear,

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    I've done my share of trolling in my time, but this is epic. I wish I had pulled this one off.