Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CTA Closures For Track 3 Construction This Week

There will be multiple street closures this week as CTA goes into high gear installing Track 3 (of four) for the Red Line rehab. They will also be installing a new platform and canopy.
  • Wilson closed to vehicular traffic between Broadway and Clifton, 9am-4pm, through Friday, February 10, for construction of the new east platform for the station.
    One sidewalk on Wilson will be open at all times, with signage for pedestrians
  • Broadway closed to vehicular traffic between Wilson and Leland, 8pm-4am, through Friday, February 10. Occasionally the sidewalks will be closed for brief period of time as well.
    CTA will be doing two related projects: installing rail material for new Track 3, and installing a canopy over the new east platform. The platform installation will require periodic closures of the northbound Red Line trains as the materials are hoisted from street level and installed.
When Track 3 is installed, that will mean only one track remains to be replaced. We can't wait for the pillars to be removed from the traffic lanes along Broadway.

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