Friday, December 16, 2016

Man Follows Food Delivery Driver Into Building, Takes Packages

We got this from a condo association president this morning telling about a brazen package theft in his building. We all know not to buzz in strangers, but the thieves are getting more cunning. Below are some hints so this doesn't happen to your building. And remind your neighbors not to let people they don't know into the building... 'tis the season, unfortunately.
"Today we were asked by a Unit Owner to determine if some packages were delivered as identified by UPS.

In reviewing our video feed, we determined that a Unit Owner had ordered food for delivery.  The delivery driver entered the building, and as he left, he had let a complete stranger into the building.

Moments later he had stolen all the packages that were left in our hallway, a total of 4 packages.

We also determined though more video review that he had tried to pick the locks the previous days.

Can you post this as a warning to others, and that people need to hold accountable food delivery companies."


  1. What's even more insane is that UPS & Fedex are lobbying the US Govt to let them have access to postal boxes the way that USPS does.
    People should know by now, do not have packages delivered to your building unless you have a doorman/security at the front desk!!!! Have them delivered to the nearest UPS/Fedex station where they charge a small fee to store.

  2. the real problem is that this person is not in jail for theft. People like this need to be removed.