Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Landmark Status Approved for Uptown Square District

From the City Council today:

"Forty two structures clustered around Lawrence Avenue and Broadway in Uptown were approved as an official Chicago Landmark District by City Council today.

Characterized by highly stylized, mixed-use buildings and performance spaces, the Uptown Square District is considered one of the best-surviving commercial and entertainment districts developed in Chicago in the early part of the 20th century, according to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, which recommended the designation in October.

Most of the contributing structures are clad or detailed in terra cotta, ranging from red and buff matte finishes to multi colored enamel and glazes in Art Deco, Venetian Gothic and Spanish Baroque Revival architectural styles. Their architects include Marshall and Fox, Rapp and Rapp, John Eberson, J.E.O. Pridemore, Walter Ahlschlager, Huszagh and Hill, and others.

Notable buildings within the district include the McJunkin Building, Riviera Theater, Aragon
Ballroom, Green Mill Gardens, Broadway-Lawrence Building, Leland Hotel, Wilson Avenue CTA station, U.S. Post Office, and others. Individually designated landmark buildings located within the district include the Uptown Theater, former Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank, and the Mutual Insurance Building.

The landmark designation will protect the exterior elevations of contributing buildings from significant alteration or demolition."

For more on Uptown Square landmarking process, see our previous posts.

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  1. Although it isn't mentioned in your article, I assume this includes the Uptown Theater. My question: Will this designation in any way (such as providing access to funding sources)help with the rebuilding of at least the Broadway façade of the Uptown? I just hate, Hate, HATE to see that once glorious façade in the shape it is now.