Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Curbed Cup Voting For Uptown Has Begun!

Uptown is once again one of 16 Chicago communities up for the "Curbed Cup," awarded to the best neighborhood in Chicago. In this first round, we're up against the South Loop.  The post reads:
Similar to the last few years, this anchor of Chicago’s Far North Side has continued to evolve and see new development in 2016. Notable projects include the reopening of art deco-era Lawrence House as a new apartment complex, the opening of the Argyle shared street, and the pending redevelopment of the old Cuneo Memorial Hospital/Maryville Academy campus. A number of developers have proposed new transit-oriented developments for the neighborhood, meanwhile discussion continues on a possible landmark district to help expedite the restoration of the Uptown Theatre.

Uptown has long been a formidable Curbed Cup challenger. The neighborhood took the big win back in 2010 and 2011—will 2016 be the year that Uptown reclaims the throne?
Voting is only open for 24 hours and started Tuesday afternoon. Vote here!

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  1. The Curbed Cup has about as much serious meaning as the Kardashians. That being said let's stuff the ballot box. Let's take the cheese.

    Seriously, it's meaningless, but have at it if you will.

    Plenty of good news happening in our beloved hood. Crain's published this yesterday. Click on the chart, COMMUNITY AREA, and notice the jump in Uptown's population from 2014-2015.

    Census data generally is quoted for April 1st of a given year so we're likely 1500-2000 higher than that now and Maryville, Pensacola Place, Stewart School etc aren't even out of the ground yet.

    It's good to have an alderman who doesn't impede development.

    I love the smell of demolition in the morning and the site of cranes in the afternoon.

    I wonder if my friends over at ONE, JPUSA and twerker artist central are as happy as I am? I wonder.