Sunday, October 16, 2016

24-Year-Old Man Shot Near 7/11 Saturday Night

Shortly before 9pm on Saturday night, shots were fired from a passing car in front of the 7/11 on the 1100 block of Wilson. The victim was struck twice in the leg, and taken to Masonic, where he is in good condition. According to the Tribune, he is "uncooperative with detectives." We're gonna go out on a limb here and guess this situation is gang-related.

A reader who witnessed it says it was a drive-by. "Four gunshots fired. Looked like a gray Honda Civic, older model, going at least 50 MPH west on Wilson."

The victim is a 24-year-old man who lists an address in Austin, but is an Uptown frequent flyer, having been arrested twice here in the past month.

We've heard talk that the businesses on the 1100 block of Wilson may be chipping in together to hire a security guard, just as the businesses at Weiss Plaza (Sheridan and Lawrence) did several years ago, to great success. We'd love to see that happen.


  1. Man, am I ever getting tired of uncooperative victims of apparent gang related shootings. Could we taxpayers be uncooperative also? Could we stop footing the bill for the "best-that-money-can-buy" medical care at Illinois Masonic, Chicago's Northside designated trauma care hospital? These dang gang members live off the taxpayer's dime in subsidized housing and live off the taxpayer's dime in trauma care hospitalizations after becoming "victims" in gang/drug turf shootings. Yet, they make a fortune selling drugs and never report a dime to the IRS. We're fools for allowing this happen year after year in Uptown.

  2. Was walking my dog down Racine at the time, heard 5 gun shots and people started running down Racine. I couldn't run due to a pooping dog. Job offer in DC and certainly considering more and more each day.