Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shots Fired Near Sunnyside Mall, Man Struck In Shoulder [Updated 5x]

There are conflicting reports, but there were shots fired around 3:20pm today on Magnolia, near Sunnyside. According to a witness, "About 10 shots fired at 2 people (a man and a woman) from a newer grey Hyundai SUV." The witness said the vehicle sped away, turning west on Wilson.

We are told it looked targeted, definitely not random. I'd bet my rent that the shooters, and probably at least one of the victims, are gang-affiliated. Just a wild guess.

It is unclear if anyone was shot. Our witness said the woman fell down when the shots were fired, but got right up and ran away. The man ran in the opposite direction. However, there are other reports that say the man was shot in the shoulder. Judging from the number of sirens we heard, we wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that he was hit.

More details as we learn more.

Update: The Sun-Times says the man who was shot in the shoulder was 29 years old and the shooting is believed to be gang-related. (Whew, I can pay my rent next month. These guys are way too predictable, too. #Winning!)

Update: Ald. Cappleman posted: "Man wounded at Magnolia/Sunnyside at 3:15pm today. Call Area North Detectives: 312-744-8263 if witnessed shooting. Under investigation." He says that the heavy police presence will continue, and that the police were only a block away from the site of the shooting when it happened.

Update: The shooting victim currently does not live in Uptown, but has a number of previous addresses here, mostly in Sheridan Park. They include 4554 Magnolia; 1026 Montrose; 1263 Leland; 4500 Malden; and 849 Sunnyside.

Update: There was a shot fired from a red car in front of Thrifty Mart, 928 West Wilson, about two hours after the Sunnyside Mall shooting. Probably gang revenge. Because that's so much more important than the elderly people and kids living right next door.....</sarcasm>

Update: There is more at Crime In Boystown blog.


  1. Another day, another shooting in Uptown. When are the Police, and politicians going to get serious about these gangs.It seems to just go on endlessly,because everyone is so afraid of lawsuits.

  2. Wait until one of the taxpaying citizens gets shot. Property values will plummet, and Schiller's empire will return. But, since politicians don't have the police force's back, they will just sit back and watch.

  3. I'm sure it isn't PC to say this, but perhaps the Chicago Police should begin offering the gangbangers target practice at their ranges. At least that way the bangers will become better shots and start truly eliminating one another. No more inflicting grazing or slight wounds; go for the whole enchilada.

  4. jack, actually their aim isn't that bad. Improvement in the medical field and EMT training enables for shooting victims to live.