Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Big Changes Coming Monday For Wilson Red Line Riders

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In the clearest sign yet that the remaining set of aging original tracks are coming down soon as part of the Wilson Red Line reconstruction, there will be some significant boarding and exiting changes for riders.

Beginning Monday, September 26:
  • The station's main entrance on Broadway will close.
  • The auxiliary entrance on the south side of Wilson will close.
  • The east platform (closest to Broadway) will close. It is currently used by northbound passengers.
  • All trains heading both northbound and southbound will be accessed via the new west passenger platform.
CTA says, "Customers may access this platform from the two existing temporary entrances on Wilson Ave --
  • the main entrance on the south side of the street (staffed, with fare vending machines), or
  • the auxiliary entrance on the north side of the street (unstaffed, farecard required for entry)."
The Wilson station in 1917. The building on the right, long since demolished,
was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (courtesy of
According to, the east platform that is in use today was built in the late 1940s or early 1950s. Riders who use it on Sunday Friday evening* will be the last ones ever to get on and off trains from that particular platform.

* The east platform will close at 9pm Friday evening as northbound stations are bypassed.

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