Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Proposed Wilson/Broadway Development Passes 46th Ward Z&D Committee

Night rendering of 4601 N. Broadway proposal, looking NE (MX3 Architects)
From Ald. Cappleman's newsletter:

"BROADWAY/WILSON DEVELOPMENT APPROVED. The 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee met Monday, July 25, and overwhelmingly approved a 10 story mixed-use development on the NE corner of Broadway & Wilson. The next public step will be for the development to go through the City's Zoning Committee. Click here for more information about this development."

According to the notes,. the votes was 14 in favor, 5 opposing, and 1 abstention.


  1. Someone needs to buy and renovate the men's hotel on Wilson if they expect this area to change. What's the point investing all these millions in the train station when you'll have all the same drug sales and buys that occur everyday stemming from that building. Once that building is renovated, all that loitering in front will disappear and then can people will see an improvement all along this new stretch of promising retail and restaurants.

  2. Is the perspective drawing illustrating the presence of wood? If so, are the architects nuts? Do they have any idea how long, given Chicago's weather, it will take for that wood to look absolutely like hell? That is, unless it receives constant, continuous, expensive care, which I seriously doubt it will.